Monday,  September 21

The Melbourne United Sports & Business Program

The Melbourne College of Sports Careers presents the Melbourne United Sports & Business Program, powered by SEDA.

Thursday,  May 21

United At Home - Ep 9: Pivoting for beginners

Special guest Warrick Giddey presents a new United At Home episode, this time taking beginners through the art of pivoting. Delivered to you by Roll'd Vietnamese.

Thursday,  April 30

United At Home - Ep 8: Shooting

United At Home is back with another set of drills for you to hone your skills. Rhys Carter takes us through a variety of shooting drills - delivered to you by Roll'd Vietnamese.

Thursday,  April 23

United At Home - Ep 7: Body Weight Strength Workout

Melbourne United's High Performance Manager Nik Popovic delivers Episode 7 of United At Home. This episode focuses on how to improve your strength using some body weight exercises. Delivered by Roll'd Vietnamese.

Wednesday,  April 15

United At Home - Ep 6: Shooting

Rhys Carter is back with another episode of United at Home. Today's skill, shooting, delivered to you by Roll'd Vietnamese.

Wednesday,  April 8

United At Home - Ep 5: Ball Handling

In this episode of United At Home, Rhys Carter takes us through more ball handling drills to help improve our fingertip control. Delivered by Roll'd Vietnamese.

Thursday,  April 2

United At Home - Ep 4: Offensive Moves

In the fourth episode of United At Home, Melbourne Utd Development Coach Rhys Carter takes us through a variety of offensive moves, as well as the footwork involved, used to beat your defender. Delivered by Roll'd Vietnamese.

Tuesday,  March 31

Melbourne United Member video calls

Using video conferencing software, the club has begun to engage with large numbers of our membership, by welcoming members into video conference calls with our players and coaches. All thanks to Tyrepower.

Tuesday,  March 31

United At Home - Ep 3: Finishing

United At Home helps guide young ballers through a variety of skills and drills to help hone their craft on their own. Delivered by Roll'd Vietnamese, episode three is all about finishing at the basket.


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